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About me
I work as a full-time linguist, translator, and localiser - however, I haven't always been in this field, which I would consider one of my biggest strengths. I have gathered vast knowledge through my in-depth studies,  passions, and experiences, and am proud to be able to offer highly specialised expertise on a variety of topics.
It is in my perfectionist nature to be organised and reliable, with strong attention to detail and the attitude that only the best is good enough. I complete all language services myself (no outsourcing of any kind!). I have helped market leading companies as well as small businesses reach their goals. Expect impeccable work you can rely on!  
- English - Highest level of proficiency: 
  TOEFL "C1 and above", IELTS 9, CEFR C2
- German (First Diploma)
- Journalism (Diploma)
- Social and Education Science (M.A.)
I offer specialised language services in these fields:
  • culture, music, art
  • Literary translations
  • social science, education science
  • audio engineering, professional audio
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